About Us

Only the right people can create exceptional value for our customers. We develop our employees’ skills to effectively work with our customers in understanding their needs and how they can get the most value from our services We promote diversity and equal opportunity in hiring and developing our people.

Visible Leadership

VERTEX empowers its people at all levels to make decisions and develop skills necessary to be leaders who can shape the course of the company’s direction.

Our Mission

Capture growth opportunities in emerging markets service unit growth through high customer loyalty. Continuous training and people development as basis for growth, quality and efficiency. Grow the fulfillment capabilities improving efficiency and margins.

Our Vision

We aspire steadily improve financial result through profitable growth and continuously improve product and process to increase competitiveness and be selected.

Our Values

Our values describe how VERTEX , as a company, and its employees behave, and are the principles upon which our business relationships are based. Our values define not only what we do, but also what we are not prepared to do.

Our Service

VERTEX strives to provide quality products and services to its valued client.

Our Project's